Submit an Idea

Submit an idea that helps improve outcomes for youth of color in Detroit.

Invitation to Round 2

If your idea is selected, you’ll get invited to fill out an application that presents more details about your idea and what you hope to accomplish. You’ll also get tools to help you define your hypothesis and ground your work in your end user.

Prototype & Test

Be one of 20 teams invited to test out your idea with $5,000 for eight weeks. You’ll get access to technical assistance along with tools and advisors to help with prototype development to make sure your team is headed down the right path.

Pitch to Panel

Next you’ll present your idea to a panel of community members, including youth of color. Finalists will be chosen to scale their idea with $50,000.

Expand & Scale

If your team moves on, you’ll work on bringing your idea to life. You’ll attend several skill-building workshops to help with topics like design research and storytelling. Plus you’ll get hooked up with mentors, advisors and a suite of technical assistance including developers, designers and builders.

Showcase & Connect

Finally, you’ll showcase your project at the Capstone Expo and have the opportunity to share your work with a community of supporters, funders, business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs.

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