Experience Detroit through the eyes and words of its youth.

An important component of My Brother's Keeper Detroit is amplifying the voice of young men of color in the city and helping to share their experiences. Engage with the interactive audio modules below to hear directly from several young men as their share their perspective on growing up in Detroit.


“If my dad was here right now...I would be happy.”

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“I've never been a bad kid. I wasn't raised that way. But I've always had a problem with people staring because of my color. I'll just be walking up the street minding my business and people will just look at me like: 'there goes another black male, he going to be locked up.'”

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“We have to really fight for a place. You have to really strive and push yourself everyday to try and get somewhere.”

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“When I see myself, I see an encouraging, handsome, confident, smart, funny and outgoing young man.”

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“If I could change anything about the city right now, it would be the gentrification.”

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“We already got two strikes: we’re educated and we’re black.”

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“When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is determined and is destined for greatness.”

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“They can’t judge us if they don't know us. They can look at me and say 'oh, he's a criminal.' I could be the smartest man in Detroit, a perfect SAT score, but they just automatically judge you based off your skin color.”

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“As a young black male, for me, was an interesting experience because I was caught somewhere in the middle.”

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“I want to create businesses and bring other black people up with me.”

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“When I look in the mirror I see a king.”

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