R.E.A.L. (Restorative, Engaged, Aspiring, Leading) Brothers

R.E.A.L. Brothers is a cross-racial, cross-generational deepening and scaling of Detroit’s restorative practices and gang diversion work.

Black Family Development, Inc. (BFDI) and Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation (DHDC) will scale restorative practices through youth and adult trainings. BFDI will lead restorative practices and justice training, engaging 500 youth. DHDC will train thirty local MBK partners, including Detroit Police—each engaging fifty youth (1,500 total). Success measures include 75% of youth will: maintain or improve school grades and attendance; show improved positive behavior, conflict resolution, and coping skills; show a significant increase in self-esteem; show improved resistance to negative peer pressure; and show improvement in job readiness skills.

By pairing Ceasefire (CF) and Detroit Crime Commission (DCC), a continuum of young men in need of violence reduction will be engaged—those who are currently profiled and likely to enter the criminal justice system and returning citizens. CF will engage 300 male students from seven high schools in their proven curriculum—including a weekly discussion series; summer development and employment; and two annual youth summits. CF will reduce incidents of violence for the target population; reduce violence near target high schools; improve school retention; reduce school code of conduct violations; reduce negative encounters with law enforcement; and increase youth employment and retention rates. DCC’s New Beginnings (NB) program has leveraged high-level gang intelligence to significantly abate and divert gangs. DCC will move one dozen gang members out of a life of violence while preventing crimes they otherwise are statistically likely to; and dissolve two criminal street gangs by targeting their leaders as NB candidates.

Deepening restorative practice and gang diversion efforts, we can significantly scale our violence prevention and intervention efforts in Detroit.

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